Here are some explanations to help you understand some of the terms used throughout our site. Please remember that everyone experiences symptoms differently but this will give you a rough guide.

  • Anxiety: A feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome
  • Despair: A feeling of hopelessness. 
  • Loss of libido/sex drive: The lack of feelings of desire, or of being desired. This is quite a common symptom and can lead to misunderstanding affecting the relationship with one’s partner. 
  • Panic Attacks: A sudden period of severe anxiety in which your heart beats fast, you have trouble breathing and you feel as if something very bad is going to happen
  • Postnatal Depression: Depression suffered by a mother following childbirth
  • Sleep Disturbance: Some mothers find it difficult to get to sleep or wake early; others can’t get enough sleep and feel tired all the time.
  • Weight loss/gain: Some mothers find that they are not hungry or don’t have time to eat and lose weight; whereas others find they are hungry all the time and put on weight.