All mothers are given the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on the support they receive from PND Borders. Below is a selection of these comments:

 Mum 1

“In the beginning when getting help I felt like a failure. I found it hard talking to friends and family as they said they understood but after a while I realised they didn’t understand. Coming to PND Borders gave me a place to talk where after a while, once I felt I could trust them, I was able to say anything without being left with the feeling of being judged. I did think about quitting my therapy as what I was talking about was getting more and more uncomfortable, but I decided to stay and see it through and thank god I did as I’m in a totally different place now. I’m far happier and I can see a future. I can’t thank the PND counsellors, receptionist, crèche workers and health visitors enough. My kids were happy to be left in the crèche, and in time referred to it as going to “the ladies house”, i.e. the crèche workers.”

Mum 2

“My experience going to East Lodge was really good. It really helped me get to the root cause of my depression. I was angry towards the children but things are looking better now for me and my family.”

Mum 3

“The initial meeting was very helpful to see and meet everyone before entering into the group. It took a lot of stress away from the first session.”

Mum 4

“After my birth I found it very hard to be my normal self. I felt I had left my old self behind. I was numb towards everything really. Day to day life was so stressful. I am very happy in myself now and love every minute spent with my precious daughter.

Mum 5

“The thought of getting help was eased by knowing there was childcare available. It meant the service was more accessible. After meeting the childcare staff, I was immediately put at ease about leaving my amazing boys in someone else’s care. I did not suffer postnatal depression by not wanting my children, quite the opposite. The need to protect them was all consuming. The ability to come and speak to someone on a regular basis meant the world to me.”

Mum 6

“Being unwell with depression raises many personal issues, and it is sometimes very difficult to find the confidence to ask for help, and follow it through. It is therefore very important for me to mention that the service provided by you made this as easy as possible for me, as everyone at the PND Service was always so welcoming and friendly.  You provide quiet and serene surrounding in a location which was local and convenient.”

 Mum 7

“When I approached the service five months after the birth of my third child, I had postnatal depression and was feeling very frightened and alone. The care I received was fantastic – everyone was friendly, supportive and reassuring. My children were looked after in the crèche while I talked with my Counsellor. I suddenly didn’t feel so isolated and realised that all my feelings were ‘normal’ for postnatal depression.”

Mum 8

“The infant massage helped me to develop a fantastic bond with my daughter and the counselling helped me to deal with my problems head on and be open to my family.”

Mum 9

“I cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done/helped me with. My little girl has never been so comfortable in me leaving her. The crèche workers are great. I feel so lucky to have and used a service like this so close to home.”

Mum 10

“Reception, staff, crèche workers, toys, everything and everyone were amazing. You were all great and never had any worries about leaving my child or attending, no matter if I arrived already in tears I was still made to feel welcome and comfortable.”