Infant Massage

At PND Borders you may be invited to take part in one of our Infant Massage classes. Led by our experienced Health Visitor, Infant Massage has many benefits for both you and your baby:

  • Infant massage babyLoving touch and skin contact help your baby to thrive
  • New parents gain confidence in handling their baby
  • Promotes relaxation in parents and the baby
  • Your baby learns to enjoy the sensation of being handled and stroked which is vital for their physical and emotional well-being
  • Develops body awareness
  • Helps babies with colic by breaking the anxiety-pain cycle and improving digestion
  • Improves sleep patterns and settling problems
  • Helps the growth and development of premature or low birth weight babies
  • Infant massage techniques are suitable for use in all growing children, e.g. circular stroking of the temples for soothing older children

As part of a five week course you will learn to massage your baby’s legs and feet, abdomen, chest, arms and hands, face and back using gentle, rhythmic stroking with your hands. Learning to massage your baby is a lovely way to show your love for your child.

Infant massage toes