Our counsellors have had many years’ experience in working with mothers with postnatal depression. The focus of counselling and therapy is to enable mothers to explore the causes of their distress and depression. This could involve looking at your life and relationships now and in the past, exploring your feelings, thoughts, behaviour and experiences. The process may be difficult at times, but your counsellor or therapist will give you lots of support and provide a safe place for you to think through your situation and decide what changes you want to make.


Our approach is a holistic one which enables clients to look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives. We encourage clients to understand their depression and anxiety and work through it in a safe and compassionate environment. Confidentiality and respect for the individual are essential aspects of the Service, and clients can have access to their records on request.


We also recognise that postnatal depression can affect all members of the family, so in response to this we have set up a Father’s Group to give fathers the opportunity to access support.