How We Work

Our team consists of a Project Manager/Co-ordinator, two Art Therapists; two Counsellors, an Administrator, a Crèche Co-ordinator and a group of volunteers who help both with the administration and in the crèche. The Board of Directors take overall responsibility for the Service.

Your GP, Community Midwife or Health Visitor will usually contact us on your behalf. Following your referral we will invite you to come in for an initial meeting with one of our counsellors/therapists as soon as possible. At this meeting we will tell you about the support offered by the service, and you will have the opportunity to talk about your experience of postnatal depression. Then, together you can decide what would suit you best – individual counselling or art therapy, or meeting with other mums in an infant massage class or therapy group. Once you have agreed on a time for a regular appointment, it would normally be at the same time each week for an agreed number of sessions.

The focus of counselling and therapy is to enable mothers to explore the causes of their distress and depression. This could involve looking at your life and relationships now and in the past, and exploring your feelings, thoughts, behaviour and experiences. The process may be difficult at times, but your counsellor or therapist will give you lots of support and provide a safe place for you to think through your situation and decide what changes you want to make.

Our approach is a holistic one, which enables clients to look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives. We encourage clients to understand their depression and anxiety and work through it in a safe and compassionate environment.

Confidentiality and respect for the individual are essential aspects of the Service, and clients can have access to their records on request. No information will be given out to any other family member, the public or professional colleague without the client’s knowledge or consent. However, should we at any time feel concerned about your safety, or that of a child or another person, we will call upon the help of another service.

Our well-equipped and welcoming crèche, where your baby or toddler will be well cared for by our experienced crèche workers, is available for most of our appointments.