Q  How can I get help if I think I have postnatal depression?

Referrals to our service can be made through a health professional (e.g Health Visitor, G.P or Community Midwife) and arrangements for an initial appointment with one of our counsellors/therapists will be offered as soon as possible. You can also contact us yourself in the first instance – and we will help you take it from there.


Q  How long will I have to wait to get help?

We aim to see you within a few weeks of receiving a referral for your initial appointment. From there we can discuss what would be a suitable support plan for you. We tend to offer counselling/therapy in 12 week blocks. We also offer infant massage while you are on our waiting list.


My husband/partner doesn’t understand but wants to know what he can do to help?

We would be very happy to speak to him and he is welcome to come along to your first appointment. We also hold a Fathers’ Support Group which your partner would be invited to attend.


Will everything I discuss be kept private?

Information about your care will be held confidentially at PND Borders and available only to those involved in your care. To ensure that you get the best care possible, the PND staff may wish to discuss how they are caring for you and your child/ren with the main health professional providing your support e.g. Health Visitor or GP. If contacting any other agency or health professional, this would only happen with your knowledge. The only exception to this is if there is a serious risk to you or others.


How much will counselling cost?

Contributions will be discussed when you come to your initial appointment with us. We are a charity, relying on contributions, sponsorship and funding from private trusts and other charities, but always offer support regardless of financial circumstances.


Q  What if my child doesn’t settle in the crèche?

The majority of our babies and children settle very well in our crèche. Your appointment usually lasts around an hour but should your baby become really unsettled or unwell, the crèche worker will ensure they are reunited with you. Babies can be accommodated within the counselling session when needed.