Zoe’s Half Marathon Success

PND Borders is welcoming a generous donation from Zoe Brown who recently tackled the Scottish Half Marathon on behalf of the local charity. Smashing through her target of £650, Zoe raised over £1100 to help families affected by postnatal depression across the Borders.

Here is Zoe’s story:

“Two years ago, our third daughter was born. We were delighted to have three beautiful little girls and the older girls were delighted with their baby sister. Prior to the birth of our youngest daughter, we had had a tough few months with a very significant bereavement and her arrival was something positive we all needed. She was growing, breastfeeding well and although suffering from what we thought was colic and eczema was generally ok. We anticipated that having three children was going to be somewhat of a challenge but we were excited about it and looking forward to the fun and happiness of a new baby.

However, I became one of the 10-15 in every 100 mums who develop postnatal depression.

Not long after our youngest was born, I began to unravel. I would get up every day and although my eyes were open and I kept going, school run, getting dressed etc I wasn’t interested in any of it, I didn’t care, I was flat and felt incredibly guilty that I wasn’t enjoying my supposedly ideal life. Things got worse and by mid-November I was in a very bad way. I was already taking antidepressants but still couldn’t see a way forward. Our baby was then diagnosed with a milk protein allergy, followed by soya and egg. Following a discussion with my health visitor I was referred for counselling with PND Borders.

Six months later I was a different person. The counselling saved me, improved my relationship with my children, husband and myself and forced me to face issues from the past I had tried to ignore. Support from people close by, antidepressants and starting running also helped give me back my confidence and my life. I no longer felt guilty and was able to start to enjoy my baby. The team at PND Borders were fantastic, I would be greeted by name, welcomed in to the building. They would take care of my daughter whilst I saw the same counsellor each week for 20 sessions. The building was homely and comforting. All the staff were caring, kind and empathetic. It was a safe environment in which I was able to manage my thoughts and build myself up again.

PND Borders had a massive positive impact on my life and I really wanted to raise this money to help them to continue to provide this essential service. Postnatal depression is a horrible illness and it takes so much away from you and makes you question your ability to parent. It can affect anyone from celebrities, to your friend, to the mum you see walking around the park and the mum you never see as she can’t get out of the house. PND Borders provides support when you need it most.”

Zoe ran the half marathon in the impressive time of 1 hour, 53 minutes and said she was “delighted and exhausted” at the finish line. Because Zoe used the Virgin Giving website to raise funds online, PND Borders was entered into their monthly prize draw and was lucky enough to win £100, which added to Zoe’s total, increasing the amount raised to over £1200.

Veronica Ross, Treasurer of PND Borders said “We are extremely grateful to Zoe for the amazing donation she has made to us. We were all very impressed with her determination to achieve her fundraising goal, and greatly admire the bravery she has shown in sharing her story. Her generous donation will go directly towards continuing to provide counselling and support services to families affected by postnatal depression across the Scottish Borders.”