Fundraisers celebrate sponsored walk success

Sponsored walk 2015 cropPND Borders has benefitted from a generous donation thanks to a group of local fundraisers. Led by Johanna McLeod from Galashiels, the group of mums, dads and grandparents took part in a sponsored walk to raise funds for this important local charity.

Leaving from Niki’s Bar in Galashiels on a cold Sunday morning the group embarked on a 13 mile walk to the Boglieburn near Newstead and back again. This is the second year that Johanna has inspired the group to take up this challenge managing to raise an impressive £674.50 for PND Borders.

Johanna says “I was keen to organise a second sponsored walk as it was a great success the first time. I was grateful that I had the support of my friends and family who took the time out to walk with us again. Another great amount was raised for the service and I hope that a few more families could benefit as a result.”

PND Borders provides therapy and support for mothers suffering from postnatal depression through counselling, individual and group art therapy and infant massage while providing onsite crèche facilities. Postnatal depression affects 10-15% of women and with approximately 1200 births each year in Borders that is an estimated 100 – 150 mothers who are experiencing this each year in this area.

Postnatal depression can severely hamper bonding between a mother and her child so it is extremely important to provide early intervention to these mothers, so that they are able to develop a secure attachment with their baby. PND Borders provides support to enhance the bonding process and build up the mothers’ own internal resources so that their children will enjoy positive emotional development. Health Visitors and GPs provide most referrals although mothers can self-refer with support from their Primary Health Care Team.  Leaflets about the service are included in information packs for new mothers leaving hospital.

Veronica Ross is the Treasurer of PND Borders. She says: “To receive a second donation from this group is a very generous gesture and a great achievement for all involved. We were delighted to hear that the walk was a success again this year and to receive these vital funds is a great boost for the service. Much of our funding comes from organisations which make grants to appropriate charities, but it usually comes with very specific limitations on how it should be spent. Donations such as this one are essential because they give us flexibility to do things such as ensuring that we always have nice toys for the crèche or books for mothers to share with their babies. We are very grateful to Johanna for once again organising this event, to Niki Fitzgerald from Niki’s Bar for providing food and drink along the way and to all the walkers for their continued support.”

The photograph shows from left to right Gemma Turnbull, David McLeod, Ruth Hossack, Karen Johnston, Sandi Jones, Judi Dixon, Eunice Capaldi and Jenni Janiak. John Smith who also took part in the walk is not pictured as he took the photo.

20th May 2015